Ultra HPQ is looking to engage with investors and work with world class partners to develop this globally important project.

Our products are critical to the supply chains of  high growth industries which make the end products which are transforming and driving a smarter and cleaner future. This includes all smartphones, all servers, all 5G enabled fibre optic networks, all solar PV modules for renewable energy generation.

If you share the vision of supporting the growth of solar PV as a renewable energy source, ensuring long-term supply security of materials supporting smarter and cleaner future, then give us a call.


Investment Opportunities
If you are interested in making an investment in Ultra HPQ please contact us.


Strategic Offtake Partners (Supply Chain Risk Mitigation)
With only two primary suppliers of Ultra High Purity Quartz Sand globally, and with rapidly expanding demand for ultra high purity sand due to solar PV growth, it is important to ensure your security of supply of Ultra High Purity Quartz Sand. Talk to us about how we can help.


Downstream Solar Manufacturing

Ultra HPQ  is investigating the feasibility of an option to establish an Australian based solar manufacturing industry. If you are interested in our vision, or you are an existing Solar PV manufacturer looking for an Australian based JV opportunity, please talk to us.



Research & Development Opportunities
Ultra HPQ is a strong supporter of research-based activity. We are interested in supporting research in the quartz, solar, manufacturing, advanced materials space.

If you would like to collaborate with Ultra HPQ, then please contact any of the Ultra HPQ team or drop us a line via the contact page.


Following mining and crushing of raw quartz in Far North Queensland, materials are then purified to HP5, HP7 and HP9 specification in stages.

Ultra HPQ is solving a big problem - 95% of Ultra High Purity Quartz Sand is mined by Sibelco (Unimin) and The Quartz Corporation (TQC) from a single resource in the USA.