UltraHPQ Completes Groundworks and Preliminary Drilling Programme

UltraHPQ Completes Groundworks and Preliminary Drilling Programme

HPQ Materials is pleased to announce that all seed round works including Groundworks and Drilling have been successfully completed safely and under budget with high purity quartz encountered at depth.

After completing a successful seed round funding in early December 2016, the Company immediately launched a preliminary drilling and sampling campaign at the Sugarbag Hill high purity quartz deposit in Far North Queensland.

A Digital Terrain Mapping programme was conducted by the on-site geologist prior to the arrival of the drill rig and earth moving equipment.

Sugarbag Hill Drilling 2016 IDW detail

A Townsville based Drilling Contractor were contracted to provide the drilling in consultation with the on-site geologist and visiting HPQ personnel.

AED Drilling Rig

Drilling commenced and the NQ2 Diamond Drill core was placed and stored in the 5m x 1m plastic trays, with photographs taken of each tray upon completion of each tray.

16SBDD03 Tray 4 displaying clean silica vein with slight limonite staining on joints.

The preliminary reconnaissance drilling program has concluded that the quartz reef system is continuous along strike, is a consistent quality along strike and at depth and is open at depth. Based on geology reports the Company is encouraged that the potential for additional high purity quartz continuing at depth.

Drilling Campaign Details

This preliminary drilling programme provides encouraging evidence that the high purity quartz reef and parallel veins are open at depth proven to at least 50 metres. With a true thickness of 20m for a minimum 600m length outcropping along strike, a minimum volume of 1 Million tonnes is easily achieved and if the reef continues at depth to at least 75m, then a volume of 2 Million tonnes may be readily achievable. The Company intends to conduct a further drilling programme specifically designed to delineate more accurately the resource volume.

Core cutting commenced in January 2017, where a diamond core saw was set to work in halving the core, and then halving again one of the core sections. A quarter of the core was logged and bagged into a 2kg representative section of that metre of the drill hole.

Quartz Core Cutting

Once logged and bagged, the details of the samples were noted and Chain of Custody paperwork prepared and signed. Ninety-eight samples were then sent to a NATA accredited Laboratory in Melbourne for Purity Assay.

The Company is eagerly awaiting the results of the purity assays.

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